Allergy Diagnostics

in-vitro Allergy Diagnostics
Dr. Fooke Laboratories

Already for 25 years in the business, Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH is a frontrunner in developing and manufacturing in-vitro allergy diagnostics.

The competence and the flexibility of a medium-sized company has led to a product line, that offers almost every user a solution tailored to her/his needs.

in-vitro Allergy Diagnostics

  • Convenient for the patient: just taking a blood sample
  • No further sensitization for the patient
  • Not influenced by drugs, e.g. antihistamines and steroids
  • Reliable concerning specificity and sensitivity
  • More allergens available than for skin prick testing (SPT)
  • In-vitro tests are accepted as equivalent to the SPT

in-vitro Allergy Diagnostics

ALFA Specific and Total IgE

  • Allergy Lateral Flow Assay
  • Rapid test
  • Measurement of specific IgE and total IgE in whole blood, serum or plasma

ALLERG-O-LIQ Specific and Total IgE

  • Reversed Enzyme Allergo Sorbent Test - REAST
  • Measurement of specific IgE or total IgE in serum
  • Determining relevant IgE ... no other antibodies!

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22 Labtech is the official representative of Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH in Scandinavia.